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Wedding Day Makeup


Getting married is the most special day in your life,
and I am honored when a bride asks me to play a role.


As a professional wedding makeup artist who has helped over 200 brides
look & feel beautiful on their wedding day, I have developed and refined my
processes in order to give you the experience you deserve.


1. The Makeup Trial


While it is nice to have a full makeover, the goal of this trial is for me to discover the right style for you and the direction you are looking to go in.

I also want you to trust me so that you don’t need to worry about how your bridal makeup will look.

I record all my notes about your wedding makeup on special facecharts that I personally designed,
so that we are all set for your big day.


The trial takes place at my studio in Talpiot, where I have my extensive collection of makeup and equipment available. You can learn more about my regular makeup sessions here.

2. Look perfect on your wedding day


All eyes will be on you today!


It’s time for you to look & feel more beautiful than you have ever looked before.

If you choose to get ready at the studio, you’re more than welcome. I will close the studio that day just for you. If I am doing anyone else's makeup, your family and friends will know you are the top priority that day. The hair stylist, photographer and everyone you wish can all be around you at the studio. And trust me, your photographer will be thrilled - the surrounding location makes a stunning backdrop!

If you prefer me to go on location,  I will come to you with all the necessary supplies to do you and at least two other people. You tell me when and where to come, and I’ll be there for you and your family/friends. 

Either way, I’ll have your Facechart with all my notes along with all the makeup supplies and equipment I need, so you won’t have to worry about a single detail. Now, you get a chance to relax from your busy day.

 Can you do my wedding day makeup? 

Has this story happened to anyone you know?

When Sarah planned the day of her wedding, she scheduled the makeup artist to come at 4pm. The night before, there was a last-minute change of plans and she needed her makeup to be done at 2pm instead. The artist tried frantically to rearrange her other commitments and ended up coming an hour late. Everyone was stressed and running late, and Sarah was very nearly late for her own wedding.


The story above happens far too often, and very early on in my career I decided that it would never happen to any of my brides.


When you ask me to do your wedding makeup, I close off my entire day for you. If you ask me to come earlier or later than planned, or need me to come back an hour later to fix something up, I am there for you. It’s your big day, and I want it to be the best day of your life.

Where do you do the makeup?


The trial is always done at my studio. On your wedding day, I will come to you with all the necessary supplies as long as I am also doing makeup for at least two other people.


We all know that a wedding is not just about the happy couple. As a wedding makeup artist, I also enjoy doing makeup for the mother of the bride and of the groom, their siblings, and other friends and family.

On the day of the wedding, I will come and do the bride as well as anyone else who would like it all at the same place, making it more convenient for you.

How much is wedding makeup?


The complete 2-step process for a bride (as described above) is 950 NIS.
There is a payment of 350 NIS at the makeup trial, and the rest is due on the day.
Any additional makeover will be 450NIS.

How do I book you to do my wedding makeup?

You can call me at +972 50 2261926. View my Contact page for other options.

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