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Personal Makeup Tutorial



When you want to look good, you can either find a makeup artist to do it for you,

or you can learn how to do it better yourself.


Do you wish you knew how to apply makeup on yourself like a pro? 


Maybe you have one or two looks that you know how to do, but would love to be able to do more?


Here is the perfect solution for you: a personal makeup tutorial, where you’ll learn new ways of applying makeup on yourself like a pro.

Ester's Personal Makeup Tutorials

During your highly personalized makeup tutorial, I will teach you how to do your makeup like a professional. The tutorial is based on what you want to learn, your current skill level, and of course, what works best for your features and coloring.

We’ll spend three hours going over different techniques and creating different looks.
We can cover a variety of looks, such as daily, for Shabbos and for events, as you prefer.


By the end of the session, you will be confidently applying your own makeup like a professional.

Get to know your makeup supplies!


Remember to bring your makeup collection! We’re going to look through your products and I’ll teach you how to use them so that you look your best.

Depending on your supplies, I may recommend buying additional makeup or equipment (and will give exact instructions so you know what to get) but the goal is for you to be able to take out your makeup at home and recreate the magic. Worried you’ll forget what we learn? We’ll write everything down and sketch it on a face chart, so you can easily refresh your memory at home.


The tutorial is 650 shekels and lasts for three hours.


You can also bring a friend for a joint tutorial. You will both still get that individual focus and be able to practice the techniques as we learn them. A joint makeup tutorial is 550 shekels each, and is also a three hour session.


Read these FAQs for more information, or click the button below to contact me and book your personal makeup tutorial.

 Teach me to apply my own makeup like a pro! 

Frequently Asked Questions on my

Makeup Workshop

After hearing the same questions over and over again, I've put them all here with full answers for your benefit. Please be in touch with any other questions you may have!


Is this makeup workshop for beginners?

Yes, this is the perfect place for a beginner to start learning how to apply makeup on herself.

Whether you’ve never held a brush in your life or you put on just a bit of makeup but aren’t sure how to go further, this tutorial will transform your makeup abilities forever.


After just three hours with me, you’ll be applying makeup as though you’ve been doing it this way for years.

Don’t take my word for it – hear it from Ruti:

I’m not a very ‘girly’ type of person, and wasn’t very interested in makeup growing up. Before we began, I didn’t know one end of a brush from the other. But Ester was brilliant, and by the end of the session I felt like an expert. Less than two months later, I got engaged, and did my own makeup for my engagement party the way Ester had taught me. People kept complimenting me on it, and asking where I’d gotten it done! Thank you Ester!


Is this makeup workshop for advanced?


Yes, if you’re an advanced makeup user you will gain tremendously from this tutorial.
We begin from your current skill level, so as you are already advanced you’ll be learning high-level professional makeup techniques and tips, and how to apply them to your face.


Copying other people can only take you so far, but this tutorial will transform your abilities.


Why do I need to bring my own makeup?


You’ve probably amassed your own collection of makeup supplies over the years,
and I don’t want you to throw that out and start anew.


A lot of that will be good – whether it was strongly recommended by a friend or bought because the color suited you, much of what you have will look fab on you once I show you how to apply it.

I will have all of my makeup supplies available, but the goal is for you to be able to recreate the looks at home. If you’re missing any essentials, we’ll try different options from my collection until we find what’s best for you.

I will then give you exact instructions for what to buy. Otherwise you’ll be ready to take your makeup bag and create magic with it.


Does it really take three hours?


Yes, it really does! Many women and girls don’t think it will take that long, but I make sure not to rush it. There’s no point learning fifteen different looks if you won’t remember any of them. Three hours gives us enough time to comfortably try out new techniques and methods with notes and photos of each stage so that you’ll be able to confidently recreate them at home.


I’m worried I’ll just forget everything after the tutorial.

I’m not asking you to memorize everything!

We’ll take notes, sketches and photos of every step as we go along so that you’ll have all you need to put on your own makeup like a professional.


And if you do get stuck or need some help, feel free to be in touch.


I want you to succeed in looking & feeling your very best!


Can you teach me how to do makeup on others?

This tutorial is designed to teach you how to apply makeup on yourself. If you’d like to learn more about makeup and are interested in following it as a career, I recommend my full-length course in how to become a professional makeup artist.

That being said, you will be learning many skills and professional makeup techniques during this session, so you should be good to apply basic makeup on your friends too.


Won’t a YouTube makeup tutorial be good enough?


There are some amazing tutorials out there on YouTube, but they are all intended for a general audience.

This tutorial is a highly individualized experience, where I show you how to create the looks you want (weekday, evening etc.) using your makeup supplies in the way that suits your features and your coloring the best.


This is not a standard class, but a personal workshop, and that makes all the difference.


Can I split this with a friend?

While I designed this tutorial with just one person in mind, it does also work well with two people.

Each of you will still get that individual focus, learning styles and techniques suited for your own features and coloring.


You will both also be able to practice - with my feedback - throughout the session. This option is 550 shekels each.


If you want to bring even more friends and have a great time here, check out my popular group makeup lessons!

How do I book a personal makeup tutorial with you?

You can call me at +972 50 2261926 or just press the button below for other options.

I want to do my own makeup like a pro!

Learn how to do your own makeup beautifully in my personal makeup tutorial
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