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Are you looking for an original idea for a celebration such as a birthday party?

Or maybe you just want a fun day out with your friends or family?

If you love makeup and want to have a great time together, my group makeup
lessons are the perfect solution.

Come to my modern and fully-equipped makeup studio in Talpiot with a group 

of up to 10 people for an involved and interactive group makeup lesson. You

can watch or take part as I demonstrate various ideas and styles on different members of your group. 

Every participant will walk out with a mind full of makeup styles and
techniques,and memories of a fun time spent together with friends or family.


Group makeup lessons with individual attention


Standard makeup classes are great, but it can be hard to identify which of the styles being taught will work with your facial features and coloring. 

These group makeup lessons are different.

More of a makeup party than a lesson, everyone sits around my studio and has a great time as I demonstrate style after style, pointing out who it would work well for and who would need something a little different. By the end of the session, every participant will have several new ideas and can be confident that everything she learned will be perfect for her.


How my group makeup classes work

Here are the details:


  • The group makeup lesson is a 3 hour session

  • It takes place at my beautiful, fully-equipped makeup studio in Talpiot

  • It’s perfect for 3-10 participants

  • Price varies according to the number of participants


Contact me now for more information, or to book your session.

 Book our group makeup lesson 


Looking for something more personal, or with just one friend?
My popular personal makeup tutorial is the perfect option!

Ester giving a lecture in makeup to a large group of women
makeup lesson. makeup tutorial

Group Makeup Classes

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