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I was an American living in Israel with a newborn baby at the time I decided I want to take a makeup course. I was nervous about finding the right school that would accommodate the hours that would work with my baby's schedule and finding an English speaking teacher.

As soon as I called Ester I just knew I needn't worry about anything.

I always joke with her how I trusted her blindly just by talking to her ,without having done any research about her course.


Ester is there to make the course be right for you and she wants you to be successful more than the client herself. She's not there to sell you any gimmicks, just real lessons that will mold you into a professional makeup artist.

Aside from the actual makeup techniques there are some lessons that I can proudly say helped me be different than the average makeup artist. To name a few, Ester taught me business etiquette, how to be a polite mannered makeup artist, how to deal with stressed clients, and the importance of hygiene in the industry. My clients are always commenting how clean my brushes are and that my mannerism is so calming and gentle. All that is Esters credit. She also helps you learn how to buy the products you will need. 


Aside from the fabulous course, Ester is the kindest woman I know. She wasn't only my makeup teacher, she stayed my role model!!I am forever grateful to Ester and her awesome lessons!!


Kreindy, Brooklyn, New york 

Really enjoyed the course, I learnt a lot of skills , Esther gave a lot of love and care to each student . The best experience I feel I had was the different models I practiced on.

Really happy with my time and experience I spent at the course


The really nice part about it is that I have kept a relationship with Esther and whenever I need anything she is really kind and helpful with all my questions


Esther, London



As an American, my priority was finding a makeup school that offered classes in English.

I liked that the Makeup Boutique School was part time and only a few months.

This allowed me to work as well to support myself while I was living in Israel. I also felt that the cost of the course was very reasonable, especially comparing to other schools that I previously looked into. Based on these factors, Makeup Boutique School was the perfect choice! 


From the very first time I met Ester, I knew we were in good hands.

Ester has a way of connecting and understanding her students in a very unique way. She is kind, nurturing, intuitive, and an excellent teacher!

The course taught me how to be a professional and confident Makeup Artist. She teaches you the art of makeup, many different techniques, tips and tricks, and all without taking away from your unique style as an artist. Ester teaches you how to listen to and understand your clients needs so that when they leave your chair, they feel like their best selves! She teaches you how to find the beauty in everything and everyone.

I will always look back at my time in the course with the fondest of memories. I enjoyed every single moment! It was seriously the most fun experience!

Anyone who joins this course, will not only come out as a professional certified Makeup Artist, but they will also gain having Ester as a teacher. The care, devotion, and individual attention Ester gives her students is like no other! She puts her heart and soul in to the course.

Thank you Ester for everything you have taught me, not only as a Makeup Artist, but also as a person. 

Chani. Houston,Texas 

Ester is an excellent talented teacher and makeup artist. Her classes were both informative and so much fun. Esther's enthusiasm and fun-filled lessons really instills each and every one of her students with confidence and passion to move forward in becoming successful makeup artists.

Thank you Esther for the wonderful  experience. 


Sheina. Manchester 



I learnt how to do lots of different techniques and also to do makeup in the most efficient time. I really enjoyed being able to bring my friends in and practicing on them. Ester is a very charismatic teacher which makes everything more fun to learn. I would definitely recommend the course, I have already recommended it to a few people because there is a lot of different options of what you can do and you get a lot from studying for not such a long time. 


Kayla. London




I have much more confidence in my ability, and now I can do makeup for people and know what I am doing! I really like that the class size was small, I felt we got a lot of one on one attention, which I believed helped me be more successful. I like that Ester provided makeup (even though we had to pay extra). It gave me a base to start with.


Ester makes the environment feel very positive, fun and light. She always has a smile on her face and really cares about each student, and their success in the course. She is patient, bubbly, encouraging and will always make extra time for you if you need it. Every class she would bring something she baked, which really shows her character and how kind she is. Truly the best teacher!

Davina. Jerusalem



I signed up for the course because I felt I knew makeup, but wanted to become a professional makeup artist in every sense of the word. Ester was the perfect one to walk me through that process. We focused on colors, contouring, the business aspect, how to be professional, how to deal with crises that might crop up, troubleshooting, face charts, and any other aspect of professional makeup artistry.  

I particularly enjoyed Ester's personal touch yet, instructor's approach to teaching. We were given ample time without being pressured. Classes were stimulating and clear and Ester would constantly ask us if there was anything we wanted to review.  

The best part is that Ester is still there for me whenever a question arises!


I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to become a professional makeup artist.


Gitty, Jerusalem

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